Talent | Teamwork | Strategy


Executive Advisory

Advisory services to CEO’s, C-Suite and Boards on Talent, Teamwork and Strategy. This ranges from strategy development, team and executive capability as well as succession planning at the top of the organization.

Talent Assessment

Assessment services for those critical hires (executive and/or CEO) as well as internal employees for development or new role assimilation. We utilize globally recognized, best in class tools.

Organizational Structure

We review your organization to ensure the best structure to deliver on the strategy, ensuring the best players with the highest capability and greatest efficiency are in place to deliver on the greatest value.


Culture Design Services

Understanding Culture and shaping it is a critical need for every organization.  We help organizations discover the critical enablers to getting the culture necessary to win on engagement with the team and in the marketplace.

Team Effectiveness

Formal assessments to understand the current effectiveness of the team, the charter of the team, player dynamics and roadmap to success in order to drive the highest impact.

Leadership Development

We help leaders get the most out of their people through a strengths-based approach to coaching, development, and recognition.


Pre & Post Merger Integration

We have deep experience in assessing not only the talent, but the human capital cost and opportunities as you contemplate deals or have a need to integrate.  We also have the capability to help you set up a PMO or Transformation Office to deliver on the synergies.

C-Suite and Board Services

In addition to C-Suite and CEO succession, we perform classic strategy assessment and planning work. This includes market assessments, executive interviews, workshops, and board ready presentations to frame out the strategy.

Human Capital Crisis Management

We provide a rapid response to crisis situations where there needs to be an immediate intervention with the board and key executive officers either driven by performance, market or legal issues requiring a plan with path forward.

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