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Leaders25 Summit

We are excited to bring a unique, immersion learning experience to you and your organization.

We have spent over 20 years designing and hosting high potential leadership development programs and studying how leaders learn, develop, and grow.

Our research shows that leaders want more than just to attend a conference or a training program. They want a transformational experience with inspiration from thought leaders, assessment and feedback, expert coaching, mentoring, and quality interaction with peers. 

We developed Leaders25 to be a comprehensive, memorable learning experience for you and your team.

What distinguishes Leaders25 is the intimate setting at a 5 star venue designed to maximize learning and engagement. Participants from diverse industries and global organizations gain insight via assessments and personal coaching, participate in facilitated Learning Groups, are inspired by top-rated speakers and learn from one another.

Leaders25 is one of the highest rated leadership immersion programs available and delivers the tools, methods, and support system you need to be a better leader. Join us at the Leaders25 Summit—a program like no other.

Looking forward to seeing you at Leaders25!

Powerful Relationships - Mentoring Programs

Mentor Advisor Certification Program

The PGP Mentor Advisor Certification workshop uses time tested tools and practices for accelerating the learning and growth of others throughout your organization to increase engagement, reduce turnover and enhance business focus. 

Mentor Advisors help people discover who they truly are, uncover what they really want, and guide them to where they want to go.  They help their mentees set purpose-driven goals in pursuit of their greatest aspirations personally and professionally.  In this 3-day certification training Mentor Advisors Learn:

  • Keys to becoming a mentor advisor
  • Intro to the Mentor Advisor Toolkit (Balcony Story, VTS2, Work Life Map, etc.)
  • How to help surface insights
  • Importance of trust
  • Understanding the power of listening & conversations
  • Building a Work Life Map for continued success

Peer Mentoring Program

Mentoring is often overlooked but is the highest value developmental experience.  Formalizing it through an innovative program and system is the biggest untapped opportunity for organizations.  It gives every team member the chance to understand their why and connect it to the organization’s why.  In this 3- hour workshop:

  • Participants are paired with a peer prior to or during the session
  • Attendees connect on a journey of discovery where they define their purposes and express a shared vision aligned with that of the organization through a Work Life Time Line exercise
  • Participants complete their Work Life Map identifying what matters most, what they want in both work and life, and how they will get there
  • Employees uncover their values, traits, style and skills which define their purpose and greatest aspirations via a VTS2 personal assessment exercise

Powerful Conversations Program

For today’s leader, it’s all about communicating.  Great leaders engage every day, every hour, up, down, and across the organization.  How you communicate can drive change, build trust and motivate those around you.  Or, it can do just the opposite.  In this workshop, participants learn how to use the ‘powerful conversation’ concepts and tools introduced by best-selling communications author, Phil Harkins.  Participants learn by:

·         Studying Powerful Conversation success stories

·         Leveraging the discipline of Powerful Conversations

·         Practicing the tools of Powerful Conversations

·         Focusing on the fine art of active listening

·         Using innovative techniques to drive change

·         Building a language of trust

·         Studying the best practices of team communications 

Powerful Teams Program

Effective teamwork is at the heart of consistently delivering organizational results.  Yet, dysfunctional teams abound and most organizations lack consistent team tools and practices that help ensure consistent teamwork and performance.  This short program serves as an overview of the team tools that PGP uses and finds to be the most effective after over 50 years of teams research and application.  In this program, participants learn to use and be facile in the following team tools:

  • The PGP Team Charter
  • Team Trust Tool
  • Fast Feedback Tool
  • Fist of Five
  • The Accountability Triangle
  • 70-20-10 Listening Tool

These team tools help teams to define their goals and operating rules, become authentic, have honest conversations, hold each other accountable and achieve successful results.

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