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Powerful Communications Assessment

At the core of every successful interaction lies effective communication. We believe that understanding your unique communication style is fundamental to fostering meaningful connections, driving collaboration, and achieving personal and professional fulfillment.

The PCA equips you with the knowledge to navigate interactions with confidence, enhance your mentoring capabilities, and foster a culture of open, impactful communication. This comprehensive understanding is pivotal for personal growth, professional advancement, and the cultivation of lasting, productive relationships.

PCA is a key aspect of our Mentoring experiences, focusing on refining communication dynamics crucial for the program’s effectiveness. It aids in:

  • Enhancing Self-Awareness: Discover your communication style to improve clarity and understanding within mentoring relationships.

  • Tailoring Interaction Strategies: Adapt your communication tactics to suit diverse mentoring scenarios, ensuring impactful exchanges.

  • Building Stronger Connections: Appreciate and respect the communication style of others, fostering a more collaborative mentoring environment.

The PCA measures the intricate facets of your communications ‘style’ and ‘skills.’ Communications ‘style’ is measured in four spectrums of behavior:

1) Emotive vs Logical

2) Outgoing vs Reserved

3) Diplomatic vs Straightforward

4) Adaptable vs Planful.

Communications ‘skills’ are measured in three key areas: Listening, Inquiring, and Summarizing

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The Powerful Communications Assessment is an engagement that has the potential to transform your teams and your business. Prossimo Global Partners will guide you through the process, and put their decades of combined experience to work for you. 

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